Frequently asked questions

Where is Folldal?
Folldal is located approximately 300 km from Oslo, 200 km from Trondheim and 500 km from Bergen

How do I travel?

From Oslo by train to

Hjerkinn (20 minutes away by car), or

Alvdal (30 minutes away by car)

From Oslo by car

approximately 4 hours

From Trondheim by train to

Hjerkinn (20 minutes away by car)

From Trondheim by car

approximately 3 hours

Where do I find accommodation?

Stiftelsen Folldal Gruver

In the centre of Folldal, close to start & finish (and busses for 50 miles) 

Nedre Dørålseter Turisthytte

Located at the start of the 50 miles run and checkpoint 2 for the 100 milers. Approximately 20 minutes by car to Folldal centre

Breisjøseter Turisthytte

Located at checkpoint 4. You have to make arrangements with the staff to be transported to or from the accommodation


Located 15 minutes by car from the centre of Folldal, call +47 41 61 39 41 for booking

Fallet Nordre

Located 20 minutes by car from the centre of Folldal, not far from checkpoint 3

Folldal Fjellstue, phone number +47 62 49 01 86

Located 5 minutes by car from the centre of Folldal

Grimsbu Turistsenter

Located 10 minutes by car from the centre of Folldal


Located 10 minutes by car from the centre of Folldal

Bakken Berg

Located 20 minutes by car from the centre of Folldal, not far from checkpoint 3

Drop bags:

Available both at Dørålseter (for 100 milers) and at Strømbu (for all participants). The bags will be organized based on start bib numbers, in order for you to identify your bag without touching other runners’ bags. Grab your bag, pick up what you need, and leave the bag in the designated drop zone. 



You can put poles in your drop bag, given that your poles are small enough to fit the bag.


Mandatory equipment:

Everything listed as mandatory equipment is mandatory. For all runners on both distances. Some of you might think the list is too long, but many participants will be running long hours in the dark, on technical mountain trails, with the potential of freezing temperatures and hard wind. If some of you have an injury in the remote part of the mountains, the wait for evacuation might take hours. The list includes the minimum of clothes and equipment you need, and we strongly recommend you bring clothes that provide good isolation. We encourage everyone to show sportsmanship, but might run random checks before start and/or after finish.

Will I find water along the course?

There are several water sources along the course. There’s always the potential of contamination of smaller water sources (due to sheep and other animals), so officially we can only recommend the larger creeks and rivers.  


Start - CP Nygruva:

River Folla, 27 km after start. Fill water before or immediately after you cross the bridge.


CP Nygruva - CP Dørålseter:

River Grimsa, 55 km after start 

River Haverdalsåa 66-72 km after start


CP Dørålseter - CP Strømbu 

Creek Langglupbekken, 95/17 km after start

Creek after Bjørnhollia, 100/22 km after start


CP Strømbu - CP Breisjøseter 

River Skjellåa, 116/38 km after start


CP Breisjøseter - SP Grimsbu

River Sølna, 133/55 km after start



Water will of course also be available at all CPs.


 Tel: (+47)91329026

org nr 924 344 687

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