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Route Description

GPX file for Salomon Rondane 100

Route Description
100 Kilometers

Grimsdalshytta to CP1 Dørålseter - 15 km

Pass the river Grimsa on a bridge and follow the marking towards Dørålseter over Gråhøa. Easy trails with steady climbing towards Gråhøa and a steady descent down to Haverdalen. Cross the river on a bridge after 12 km. Follow the trail towards Dørålseter. A bit rocky through Dørålsglupen up to 1380 masl, before you follow the trails down to Dørålseter (15 km – 1036 masl).

CP 1 Dørålseter to CP 2 Straumbu - 27 km

Run along the river Døråe (1030 masl) cross the bridge and then run west along the river. Head south through Bergedalen on the east side of the creek Bergedalsbekken. Run east into Langglupdalen. Easy climb upwards to 1467 masl. Down through Langglupdalen and head south passing sign «Høgronden». Cross the bridge over the creek Longglupbekken, ascend the hill north of Veslsvulten and continue southeast on to gravel road the last 300 meters until you reach Bjørnholia . Follow the path heading left towards Straumbu right after crossing a bridge. Easy running on mountain trails towards Straumbu. A few wet areas. CP Straumbu (690 masl - 42 km). At Straumbu you will access your drop bag!

CP2 Strømbu to CP3 Breisjøseter Turisthytte - 15 km

Exit Strømbu and start a steep climb on trails towards the high plateaus. Follow the red T-marking to Breisjøseter. More than 700 meters climb the next 7 km. Continue on easy paths. Last 2 km on gravel road until you reach CP3 Breisjøseter Turisthytte (960 masl – 57 km)

CP3 Breisjøseter Turisthytte to CP 4 Grimsbu  - 30 km

Trails at the foot of Sølnkletten. In the crossing 2 kms after Breisjøseter, follow the marked path to Follandsvangen (not the trail on your left to Flatseter). Continue west and pass the path heading to Storsølnkletten. Ford the creek Sølnsjøbekken. Pass the path heading to Fjordungskvolvet and then the path heading to Kvislåsætra at Follandstjørna. Cross the bridge over Sølna. Follow the path to Franksætra after 130 km. Gravel road for approx 2 km towards Nyhussetra, continue on easy trails with a bit of climbing up Langfjellet (1237 masl). Descend towards Bjørnsetrene (137 kms – 1030 masl). Some obscure and wet parts on the trail, continue until you cross Rauklettliveien after 142 kms (830 masl). Nice dirt road that will take you past the local ski arena, this is CP 4 Grimsbu (680 masl - 87 km). At Grimsbu you will cross the road Fv27.

CP 4 Grimsbu to finish at Folldal Flerbrukshus - 14 km

A few kms on gravel road in an easy climb. You will run along the old ropeway where ore from the mines were transported from Folldal to Alvdal. Easy trails with some portions of dirt road. 2-3 kms of gravel road before closing in on Folldal community centre. 



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