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The Salomon 100Km Cup is a new concept developed by Salomon Norge, Rondane100 and Trailnordic.

Both are flagship races in the Norwegian Salomon ultra-series and entering into the cup-competition gives you access to both races with a 25% discount for each individual race.


The way you compete

You must finish both the Nøsen Hundreds 100 km and Rondane 100 km race in 2022.

The female and male with the best total time will be crowned the King and Queen of Salomon 100KM races In Norway 2022.

If you’re not able to secure one of the 30 Salomon 1000KMC tickets, but you are admitted to both races with buying two ordinary tickets to each individual race you can send an email to or with proof of admission for both races and we will include you in the Cup competition.


Nøsen Hundreds 100 km

The Nøsen Hundreds route takes you through beautiful and varied terrain with rolling hills, mountains, and gravel roads. The focus has been to create a route that both gives fun and challenging trail running with some good gravel flow segments to where the kilometres will fly by accompanied with great views! Get support from two CPs where you will get accesss to your drop bags you handed in at the registration the day in advance.

Rondane 100 km

The Salomon Rondane 100km route is made as a tribute to the stunning nature and majestic mountains surrounding the old mining village Folldal. It’s a tough and long course, mostly based on rolling hills, mountains, and single tracks! Through the race you will have support from three CPs and one service point, on CP 2 you’ll get access to your drop bag you handed in at the registration the day in advance.

Number of slots:



2625 NOK

When you register, you will automatically register for Nøsen Hundreds 100 km and Rondane 100 km.

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