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We have used our own ultra trailrun experiences and added them to the trails in our own beautiful backyard. We want to create a race by - and for ultrarunners as a tribute to stunning nature and majestic mountains, to trail running and to the ultrarunning culture.


The Salomon Rondane 100 had its debut in August 2020. All 150 slots were sold out and the runners enjoyed spectacular nature in fantastic weather conditions.

Start and finish is in the old mining village Folldal. A small mountain village framed by the majestic Rondane Mountains, the mountains of Dovre and Alvdal Vestfjell. One of the coldest places in Northern-Europe. 700 meters above sea level.

This is a long and tough race, but if you meet the mountains with humility, the distance with respect and your co-runners with compassion you will have an experience for life.

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