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Start and finish in the old mining village Folldal. A small mountain village framed by the majestic Rondane Mountains, the mountains of Dovre and Alvdal Vestfjell. One of the coldest places in Northern-Europe. 700 meters above sea level.


Hardy people that has persisted through working the mines, the farmlands and hunting. A perfect location for a true ultratrail run.


 We have used our own ultra trailrun experiences and added them to the trails in our own beautiful backyard. We want to create a race by - and for ultrarunners as a tribute to stunning nature and majestic mountains, to trail running and to the ultrarunning culture.


Experience the mining-community, 2000 meter summits, traces from the last ice-age and old hunting cultures. Experience the land of the wild reindeer, the national park and the mountain flora. Experience the community of ultra runners. 


This is a long and tough race, but if you meet the mountains with humility, the distance with respect and your co-runners with compassion you will have an experience for life.


Salomon Rondane 100 on Trace de Trail:


Salomon Rondane 50 on Trace de Trail:

Route Description
100 miles

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Route Description
50 miles

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We will try to keep an updated list of available accommodation in the Folldal-area. The list will consist of a range from campsites that offer a space for your tent to high standard lodging with comfortable beds and great food

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